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How Invoice Scheduler links HubSpot to Xero

Create Invoices from Deals

Create as many invoices as you like from a single HubSpot deal

Create Contacts

Set up Xero contacts without leaving HubSpot, pre-populated with your client data

Track Payment Status inside Hubspot

No copying and pasting - invoices are autofilled with the line items from your quote or deal

Multiple Xero Accounts *

Sync to as many Xero accounts as you like
* Enterprise Plan Only

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Frequently asked questions

The invoices will show up in Xero as "Draft" invoices - ready for your finance team to check and approve them. Once approved, they will follow the same process you already use, and the status e.g. Approved, Paid will be passed back to the app inside HubSpot. You can even set up automations to move your deals automatically.

Yes - Xero has a "Reference" field that can be used for this, this can be edited from inside the App. For Purchase Orders, most businesses either use Xero's reference field, or type the PO Number on the line item.

No, at the moment you are only able to sync invoices with Xero in the "Draft" status. Most businesses we speak to rely on a finance team to review and arrange the actual sending of invoices. If that's not how you do things though, we want to hear from you so please get in touch to let us know.

There are a few different ways to do this. Firstly, you can use the "Create Contact" feature in the app. This will pre-fill with the contact details associated with your HubSpot deal, such as Name, Email and Company Address.

If you want sync contacts in bulk - HubSpot have a native Xero Data Sync app, as part of Operations Hub, which will allow you to sync multiple contacts at once.

No problem - this feature is standard on our enterprise plan. When creating an invoice, you simply select from a list of different Xero accounts. We can even customise the labels for you. Then, the app works as normal. The only thing we don't support is a single deal with invoices in more than one Xero account at a time.

The native HubSpot app solves for the most simple scenario, and targets a single invoice to single deal set up. The step by step process is user-friendly but gives limited flexibility.

We recognise that every business has a different way of doing invoicing and billing, and give you the tools to create multiple invoices from one deal, along with all the powerful features you need to streamline the process. If you're unsure, we encourage you to try both.

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